Sistemas especiales HDD y OCTAPAD

HDD pipe lifting system uses vacuum technology to lift drill stem and position it into the rig without the use of slings or personnel. The Octapad concrete slab lifting system is designed for concrete slab removal during road and bridge construction projects. Each of the 8 pads has an individual vacuum that can be shut off for areas of the slab that are too damaged for lifting. The Octapad is designed for use with excavators that can lift and place materials directly in a truck for removal from the jobsite without re-handling. Innovative vacuum technology allows for complete removal of the slab from the road bed, leaving the sub-base undisturbed for the subsequent patch pour.      


Sistema HDD

  • Tilts pipe from 0° to 30° for loading and unloading

  • Precise angles and joint placement is achieved with wireless remote

  • Compatible with MC Series vacuum lifters Lift capacity of 1,700 to 5,400 lb (depending on pad size)

  • Handles all standard drill stem as small as 3”

  • Requires only one worker to transfer pipe into the drill for loading

  • Handles pipe on and off trailer without disturbing adjacent pipe

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/ASME standards section B30.20, ASME BTH-1 and AS 4991

  • CE certified and OSHA compliant

  • Weight 430 to 610 lb (195 to 276 kg) depending on pad size


  • Designed to lift deteriorated concrete slabs from roadways and bridge decks

  • Compatible with RC Series vacuum lifters

  • Lift capacity of 11,888 lb (5.4 tonne)

  • Consists of eight 14” x 20” flat pads with individual vacuum valves able to be shut off when directly over a crack or pothole

  • Engineered to lift reinforced concrete slabs up to 6’ wide x 12’ long x 12” thick

  • Greatly reduces the need for traditional slab-removal methods such as air or hydraulic hammers, drills, cables and slab buckets

  • CE certified and OSHA compliant