Utiliguard 2

Cuando se trata de localización de los servicios públicos, la precisión lo es todo. Más precisión significa menos riesgo. Así que empacamos el localizador de múltiples frecuencias SUBSITE UtiliGuard 2® con características que mejoran la precisión, resaltados por la tecnología de medición de interferencias ambiental (AIM®), que recomienda automáticamente la mejor frecuencia a emplear. UtiliGuard tiene un transmisor de 12 vatios que envía señales más lejos, una pantalla fácil de leer, y muchas otras características que no encontrará en ningún otro sistema de localización. Sólo UtiliGuard®







  • High-contrast LCD display is visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight.

  • Remotely control the transmitter with the receiver.

  • The only locating system that provides the horizontal and vertical distance (depth) to the utility, to enable users to make accurate locates of obstructed utilities.

  • Bluetooth® technology simplifies communication and data transfer to other communication devices.

  • UtiliGuard locator is direction enabled, i.e., provides the direction of the current to help you identify the target line.

  • Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM®) technology scans the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for the fastest, most accurate locates.

  • Dual-output transmitter connects to two utilities at once, reducing the time required to locate multiple services.

  • Ability to change the frequency and power level from the receiver and switch leads between utilities when using dual output.

  • Dual-output 12-watt transmitter drives signals farther down large, direct-buried utilities.

  • Six-button, intuitive operator interface is easy to learn and use, and includes multiple languages.

  • Superior battery life—transmitter 100 hours, receiver 30 hours—is more than twice as long as the competition’s.

  • Ruggedly built UtiliGuard locator has an industry-best IP65 rating, to ensure excellent performance in dusty, dirty or wet jobsite conditions.

  • Choose from 70 standard frequencies via user-configurable software

  • High-contrast LCD display is visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight.