Pipebursting Neumático

Los sistemas de Pipebursting Neumáticos de HammerHead® están siendo utilizados por contratistas en todo el mundo como un método eficaz para reemplazar tuberías defectuosas de alcantarillado, agua y gas.

HammerHead lidera la industria con tecnología probada y características diseñadas para aumentar la productividad.

Cualesquiera que sean los requerimientos de su trabajo de sustitución de tuberías, HammerHead puede ayudarle a ser exitoso. Los sistemas de Pipebursting Neumáticos de Hammerhead están configurados para adaptarse a las condiciones específicas de su lugar de trabajo.

HammerHead ofrece una amplia línea de herramientas de varios tipos de proyectos de sustitución de tubería y nuestro equipo de ingenieros pueden construir herramientas a la medida para satisfacer sus necesidades exactas.






Martillos Neumáticos

  • Nuestras herramientas están diseñadas para manejar las tareas más difíciles de pipebursting con un rendimiento excepcional, con características que no encontrará en la competencia. Al igual que nuestro patentado y fiable sistema de aire reverso que es controlado en superficie. El sistema patentado de yunque trasero proporciona hasta 200 por ciento más de carga de fijación que modelos de la competencia y es el conjunto más seguro del mercado.

  • HammerHead® pneumatic pipe-bursting tools lead the industry in reliability and easy maintenance. Our tools are designed to handle the toughest pipe bursting jobs with ease and exceptional performance, with features you won’t find on competitive models. We offer eight models ranging from 5" to 24" (130 to 600 mm), capable of installing pipe sizes from 6 to 60" (102 to 1524 mm).

  • Air reverse All HammerHead bursting tools larger than 7" (180 mm) feature a patented and reliable true air reverse with no internal mechanism. The reverse function is controlled above ground, simplifying tool removal from the burst head.

  • Clamped rear anvil The patented rear anvil is a hallmark of the HammerHead piercing tool design. This feature provides up to 200 percent more clamp load than competitive models and is the most secure assembly on the market and yet the simplest to disassemble for maintenance.

  • Striker wear rings The one-piece striker contains a set of wear rings that eliminate metal-to-metal contact, providing a sustained level of performance.

  • Burst heads Multiple burst-head configurations are available to meet your job conditions. Front-mounted burst heads are utilized for manhole exit projects, whereas tractor heads and rear pullers perform larger diameter jobs in tough conditions or over longer distances. Sizes from 6” to 36” (150 to 914 mm) are available.

  • Specialized tooling HammerHead provides free project consultation and has the experience to develop specialized tooling you may require to complete your project.

  • Versatility Burst hammers are designed for pipe bursting and are easily adaptable to pipe ramming, HDD assist and piling projects.


  • Accessories HammerHead offers a wide variety of pipe-bursting accessories, like lubricating systems and pipe pilots. All designed to make your next job more efficient.

  • The HammerHead® Impactor® line of pipe bursting equipment combines proven pipe-bursting technology with the horizontal directional drill (HDD) to provide a revolutionary method of replacing water and wastewater mainline pipes. With a HammerHead Impactor pipe-bursting system, pipe can be replaced at a faster rate than with traditional pipe-bursting systems. And, you can do it with a reduction in the amount of manual labor required.

  • Smart Hammer Technology™ The hammer is activated when pull force is applied to the hammer. Once the drill operator stops pulling, the air supply vents and shuts off the hammer.

  • Free-floating body and striker The Impactor is designed to float on the distributor shaft, isolating the drill stem from impact.

  • Manhole exit Excavation is significantly reduced by retrieving the Impactor from the receiving manhole.

  • High power and production With Smart Hammer technology, the power increases as the job progresses producing up to 500 blows per minute at only 110 to 200 psi (8 to 14 bar).

  • Versatility Impactors can be adapted to a variety of other machines like static bursting systems, winches, cable pullers and various HDD manufacturer drills. Giving you more versatility and opening up new markets for your business.

Polipastos-cabrestantes (winches)

  • Los polipastos HammerHead HydroGuide® están diseñados para maximizar la eficiencia, reduciendo al mínimo el tiempo de configuración. Nuestros cabrestantes son probados para soportar las altas tensiones de un trabajo de pipebursting neumático y generar una tensión constante en toda la longitud de la tracción, mientras que la velocidad de la línea se ajusta a la velocidad de ruptura de forma automática.

  • HydroGuide® winches are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize setup time and effort for pipe-bursting, slip-lining, pipe-pulling, cable-pulling and swage-lining projects. HammerHead offers two models featuring 12 tons (11 tonnes) and 20 tons (19 tonnes) of pulling power to handle a wide range of jobs from 6" to 30" (152 mm to 762 mm) in diameter. With continuous tension, the line speed adjusts automatically to the burst speed, enhancing overall production.

  • Simple setup Setup and tear-down can be performed in minutes, not hours. A hydraulic self-deploying downrigger simplifies setup and eliminates carrying large and heavy components down-hole, and our onboard storage of the downrigger mast and sheave assembly reduces the need for additional support vehicles.

  • Planetary drive The dual capstan and planetary drive is proven to withstand high load ratings and improves torque transmission. This feature offers constant pulling force over the entire pull length and helps reduce cable wear.

  • Easy operation Remote control and a powerful down-hole light put the operator in better control of the burst process.

  • Versatility Designed specifically for the trenchless industry, HydroGuide winches can perform pipe-bursting, slip-lining, swage-lining, and cable- and pipe-pulling projects.